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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 8, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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these are very crucial steps in this untested technology. and as the crews are watching that offshore, closer to shore, the breton national wildlife refuge has been closed to the public so crews can clean up the oil that was there earlier this week and prevent more from coming ashore. the water around louisiana's chandeleur islands is fouled by oil. we found large pungent patches 2 1/2 miles west of the chain, but as we approached the shore friday, a hopeful sign. have you seen any oil around here? >> it was over here yesterday. >> reporter: yeah. any today? >> none today. >> reporter: local boat captains say the tides and ever-changing currents most likely moved the oil. the chain of barrier islands is part of the breton national wildlife refuge, where 13 species of birds nest. including the brown pelican. this is the first line of defense here at north island. it seems to go on on for miles.
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two layers of booms to protect the land so many birds depend on. calm seas and wind help the crews at the leak site make progress in cleaning up the mess. four controlled burns connsommu up to 9,000 barrels of oil thursday and more are scheduled for friday. crews lowered the containment dome thursday night and late friday afternoon it loomed 200 feet above one of the leaks. this leak is gushing 85% of the oil that makes up the spill. >> what we have to do is lower the chamber so it straddles this piece of pipe work and it will sink down to the mud up to the point where the wings are on the top of the chamber. >> reporter: if that works, this weekend a pipe will be connected to the top of the dome, and oil could be pumped out as early as monday. it should all be as easy as it sounds, because once they connect that pipe to the top of the dome, that pipe will then be connected to a vessel on the
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surface of the water. the problem is, is that the water is so cold where the containment dome is, 42 degrees, that that could actually clog the pipe. and so what they are going to do and prevent the oil from rising to the vessel, so what they're going to do is send a mixture of warm water and chemicals down through the pipe to prevent any clogging and hopefully the oil will come to the surface and into that tank. but there are a lot of steps to go before that happens. and even if that happens, alex, it's not going to stop the leak. it will curtail a great majority of it because the leak that the containment dome is over is responsible for about 85% of the spill. but there is still a lot of work ahead. a lot of steps ahead before we know this technology works. >> yeah. it's absolutely extraordinary as you explain it all, but thank you for doing so, anne thompson. so, what else can be done to stop the oil leak and why is it taking so long in getting this situation under control? keep it right here on msnbc,
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because coming up later this hour i'll be talking with conservation biologist reese halter, but what you heard from anne is part of the explanation right there. the volcano in iceland is causing more trouble for airline travel. people are being delayed because of a spread of volcanic ash spreading across much of the northern atlantic, some flights are reibeing reourouted to avoi cloud. it has closed some airports in spain and it is expected to expand to france. >> romaine lettuce grown at a farm in uma, arizona, may be the source of a an e. coli outbreak. it triggered a massive lettuce recall in 23 states and the district of columbia. 19 people have reported getting sick from it and the lettuce was not sold on grocery store shelves. the white house is marking a mile thone in the nation's still fragile economic recovery with positive signs on the employment
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front. president obama is crediting his administration's policies for april's job numbers which showed the biggest gain in four years. still, those 290,000 new jobs were not enough to turn around overall the employment picture which continues to tick higher. nbc's brian mooar is at the white house this morning. so, brian, with a good morning to you, some mixed reaction there, right? >> reporter: good morning, alex. the overall reaction is very positive. large numbers of hires in the last month, unexpectedly so, 290,000 americans who were on the sidelines are now getting back to work. there's no negative way to spin that one. but the problem here is that as those unemployed people get more excited about the prospects of perhaps finding a job, people have already given up and have been sitting it out are now getting back into that workforce, at least trying to. and that is actually pushing up the unemployment rate. it went up to 9.9% last month, and though that seems to be a bit of a contradiction, it has
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been four straight months of positive job growth, and the white house is very quick to point out that as the president took office, that this economy was shedding more than 700,000 jobs, so while the president has been hammered in the last six months or so for not creating enough jobs, now he's more than willing to take some of the credit. >> right now, a series of tax incentives and other steps to promote hiring are taking effect because of a bill i signed nood law a few weeks ago, businesses are now eligible for tax cuts for hiring unemployed workers. companies are also able to write off more of their investments in new equipment. >> reporter: and the white house is not just pointing to the jobs that were created in the last month, but the type of jobs created. the vast majority of them in the private sector, many of them in manufacturing, and, alex, that bodes well for the economy overall. >> okay, then it's all good. let's hope it stays boding well.
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very much thanks you to, brian mooar. it looks like winter in areas of the midwest. a may snowstorm greeted morning commuters in minnesota and north and south dakota. snow, can you believe it? flurries of the slushy stuff continuing throughout the day leading to accumulations throughout much of the country. to check out the rest of the forecast, let's check in with nbc meteorologist, bill karins. >> temperatures are a big story this weekend. we'll see a big swing backwards, it had warmed up and so nice, and look at the cold air plunging down the middle of the country. this is one of the last significant cold weather outbreaks that we'll see over the spring. many areas will see a freeze including areas north of kansas city and back up through wisconsin. we've even got a little bit of snow out there this morning in northern michigan. as far as the worst weather, it will be the groeat lakes and ne england today. you see the green, it's light rain. and the yellow and the reds are thunderstorms this morning that are sweeping out of new england,
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so from boston to providence, hartford, new york city, everyone, you have a chance of seeing wet weather as we go throughout your saturday. here's how the forecast looks. temperatures will be cooling off during the day after the showers and the storms move out, the winds will pick up, and it will be a windy today from the great lakes right through the mid-atlantic up through new england. the southeast looks beautiful, and much of the west coast, also looks very nice on this saturday. hope you have a wonderful one, enjoy your weekend. >> bill karins, we'll do that, thanks so much. for the latest on the weather in your area, head to police in, they've stopped a columbine-style attack a few day . police say they obtained a cell phone and a computer belonging to the suspects saying that they researched buying shotguns.
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they set a june 10th day for the planned attack on the high school on long island. >> apparently they have a fair amount of hatred for students in his what was supposed to bes had graduating class at the high school. >> boat are charged both are charged as adults. authorities uncovered the plan after the boy's social worker alerted them to it last month. in a little less than an hour family and friends will be saying good-bye to a university of virginia lacrosse player who was beaten to death earlier this week. the funeral for yeardley love will take place today. the virginia's men's lacrosse player, was charged with first-degree murder, but this morning there were growing questions about what exactly happened. joining me live now criminal profiler pat brown, he's the author of "the profiler, my life
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of hunting serial killers and psychopaths." good morning. >> good morning. >> george huguely admitted he and love were involved in some sort of altercation in which huguely shook her and repeatedly hit her head against a wall. what's your reaction to that? >> that's his very minimizing action story there. he is admitting he had obviously assaulted her, but he's trying to make it sound not quite so bad which is why his lawyer is saying it's an accident. but you cannot say it's an accident that you break into somebody's locked door and beat their head against the wall and leave her there to die. he made sure that she ended up dead, so i would say that's premeditated and that's all there is to it. >> this is a guy with a past. we'll take a look at this. back in 2009 "the washington post" cites a source saying when huguely and love were dating, he attacked, allegedly, a lacrosse teammate after hearing that that guy had kissed love.
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what do you make of that? >> well, we see a very, very long history here and unfortunately, you know, there wasn't a lot of out -- you know, people -- speaking out about this particular guy and what he was doing and certainly wasn't getting to the college. and we have this problem on colleges today, that a lot of bad behavior's going on, a lot of aggressive behavior, drinking behavior, disrespectful behavior. and we're not having the colleges stand up and saying this behavior is not acceptable on a campus and we cannot have people like this representing us on our sports teams. we can't have people representing us as students here. our campus has to have proper behaviors and the kind of people that, you know, we want to say this is -- for example, the uva people, and they're standing up and throwing these kids out of school. there's no standards, that's across the country. >> we have to say the uva president said the university wasn't notified of huguely's arrest in 2008 at another college. >> that may be. but they're seeing a lot of the behaviors going on and everybody knows and they are sticking their heads in the sand if they
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don't know. the college students party heavily and we see this going on, a lot of aggressive behavior, a lot of stuff, the colleges know it's happening but the thing is they don't require their students to behave in a gentlemanly and ladylike way. >> what about, though, getting inside of huguely's head? we've got the incident from 2009. 2008 he's arrested for public intoxication. there's a story where he was on his family's yacht. got in some sort of fight with his father. he was drunk as a skunk. jumps overboard and get fished out. you know, that kind of behavior, get inside this kid's head. what's going on? >> my guess is that, you know, as some kids are raised, they are given way too much. they become spoiled brats essentially. they do not -- the families do not stand up to them. and make them take responsibility for their actions. they're given way too much. they feel entitled, and i think this young man probably had a history of this. obviously we see he had the
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history, and once you get to the point where now you become a teenager and a young adult, if you haven't dealt with it before, you think perhaps that you have the right to do whatever you want to, and this is the situation, you know, can be very dangerous situation when it gets to where you're a strong young man and you want to act it out. >> yeah, dangerous and tragic. criminal profiler pat brown. thank you. >> thanks, alex. there are a lot of unanswered questions about the times square botched bombing, and this morning authorities want to know who helped fund that plot. in just a moment we'll talk with a congresswoman who has inside knowledge in to the investigation into the failed attack. three decadent flavors. 60 calories. it's me o'clock. time for jell-o. three decadent flavors. 60 calories. i can't wait to just sit by the pool and relax. yea. [loud music playing and yelling] with chase sapphire you always get an expert advisor immediately. man: chase sapphire, this is brian.
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in new york city, greater police presence in times square this week. and another phenomenon since last week's terror scare, a dramatic increase in the reporting of suspicious packages. that partly led to two false
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alarms friday afternoon. the nypd called the bomb squad to times square to dismantle what turned out to be a cooler filled with water bottles. earlier it had investigated a suspicious package that was found to be someone's lunch. the nypd says it has received more than 600 false alarm calls since the may 1st car bomb attempt, 30% more than usual. meantime, nypd commissioner ray kelly said car bomb suspect faisal shahzad is cooperating with counterterrorism investigators. kelly's not revealing what shahzad is sharing about his contacts nor his motives, though. representative eleanor holmes norton of washington, d.c., is on the house committee for homeland security and we are very happy to have you. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know that you at the briefing on thursday with the national security team, and are we learning anything more that we should be concerned with small-scale attacks rather than larger, more orchestrated terror attempts? >> we think so. we've had three attempts post-9/11. notice we went for a very long
9:17 am
dry spell, where -- to the credit, i think, of officials and the public -- not much happened, and not even many tries. eight months we've had three tries, all foiled. and it looks like they're more or less professional. maybe al qaeda inspired. perhaps less hands-on al qaeda, but the fact that they are less professional is both good news and bad news. the good news is that the pros know they can't get in the way they did with 9/11. the good news and in some ways bad news is that they've left a lot of solo artists to see what they can try instead. >> when you also talk about the good news/bad news with regard to this particular terrorist, which i put in quotes, this guy is talking and talking and talking. and in the past we've had
9:18 am
suspects be interrogated. they usually are not as forthcoming for this length of time without perhaps having an attorney present. and you have to wonder how much usable information they are getting. do you have any sense of that from your briefing on thursday? >> oh, i think it's time for us to look at why they're talking. the nigerian talked. the pakistani's talking. these guys are doing what they're doing because they want to be known. they want the terrorist world to know that they, too, are one of them. and this man is singing and singing and singing, and we can't shut him up. he's not doing -- he's not trying to hide what he was doing. yes, he was trying to get away and talk about it from someplace else, wherever he would have landed, the emirates -- wherever he was going. but he was never intended to be silent. they caught him, and now he's
9:19 am
talking because he's proud of what he did. >> is there anything the government is talking about to try to better detect suspects like these before they are able to carry out attacks? >> well, i have been struck -- i've been on the homeland committee since it was formed right after 9/11. i've been struck frankly about how much we're learning as we go along. look, we have been a cloistered country. we've not been like europe and some other parts of the world which have had these attacks. we are learning a lot. for example, we thought that when we said, now, you have to report if you are an airline within 24 hours after the nigerian attempt on the plane going to detroit, that that was shoring up things. we learned that 24 hours is too long a time. now you got to report within two hours. so that we can check who's on the no-fly list. we also are seeing much more of the authority shift from the
9:20 am
airlines to the government. look, only the government is the homeland security authority. and increasingly, it's a government that is going to have to take responsibility. i'm not sure what -- what busy people trying to get people on airplanes are going to do for us. and i -- i predict that you will get to the point where they will check everybody on that list before a plane takes off. and that you will go down like calling the roll to make sure there's nobody on here on the no-fly list. if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. >> that sounds exactly like what should be implemented, and i'm sure with you sitting on that committee, you'll make that point known as well. representative eleanor holmes norton, thank you very much. >> always a pleasure. a school bus driver in south carolina is being called a hero for helping a family escape their trailer house. she saw smoke coming from the
9:21 am
home, and inside was a family sound asleep. >> after i called my supervisor, he said don't get off the bus or don't let any of the kids off the bus. my next thing was lay on the horns. maybe somebody will wake up. >> and all that blaring paid off, everyone in the home got out safely including two toddlers. she's a celebrity who has gained more fame or infamy for more of her plastic surgery. and now there's word that heidi montag may be planning more work.
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with zyrtec® i can love the air®. ♪ she's already had about a dozen cosmetic procedures and now a popular reality and tv star wants to go under the knife again. we're going to tell you who in just a moment. but first, a much-anticipated sequel is hitting theaters this weekend. take a look.
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joining me now, dawn yanek editor at large for "life and style weekly." "iron man two" what did you think? >> i walked out with a smile on my face. there were mixed reviews, critics were saying it wasn't as fresh as the original and over the place and unfocused, while i can see the critical points, of course, it was good enough, the cast was strong and the special effects were great. the big news, though, is that it's not going to break any massive records. there have been speculation that it might break the ""dark knight"" opening weekend records and soar to $165 million for opening weekend. it will not do it, though, it will be $130 million which is nothing to sneeze at but it
9:26 am
leaves a lot of room for other blockbusters to topple the number. >> we've got to get to the cover of "life and style weekly." this is an exclusive you have about heidi montag who has gone under the knife a number of times now, and wants to have more surgery. >> right. we spoke with spencer pratt, heidi's husband, at "life and style weekly" and he told us she's desperate to get another breast augmentation. it's crazy. she apparently went on ryan seacrest's radio show last month and in an attempt to compliment her and calm her preshow jitters, he said, your breasts don't actually look that big, they look great. she took it as a criticism and said she wanted to go back under the knife. it looks like she'll have to go overseas to get it done, she wants to increase from 700 ccs to 800 ccs and film it for a reality show they are
9:27 am
purportedly shopping around. >> i read in your magazine that each breast would weigh seven pounds. >> it's crazy. we're talking this would be her 13th major surgery. >> wow. >> yeah, it's crazy. >> it's jaw dropping. why? >> it makes you say, oh, my goodness this woman doesn't need plastic surgery, she needs a therapist, because there's some serious body dysmorphia issues going on. >> i know spencer defends her, you know, to the end but still -- >> he doesn't, even he says he's trying to keep her away from plastic surgery, she's getting her lips plumped all the time. he's saying you don't need to do this. you look fine. >> dawn yanek, thank you. he spent five days trapped on a beach. for some people that would be a paradise, not for this guy. we'll explain. [ speaking native language ]
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hour with your "fast five" headlines. a methane gas explosion is believed to be the cause of the deadly oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. meanwhile the giant dome to contain the leak is now in place. the crews still need to connect a hose and pipelines so that siphoning the spilled oil can begin. the disastrous flooding in tennessee is in focus this morning. homeland security secretary, janet napolitano, and the head of fema will be turning to the flood-stricken state. the mayor said the damage there could cost $1.5 about the. word from the white house, president obama is getting ready to announce his choice for the supreme court. press secretary, robert gibbs, said the announcement could come at any time. e. coli poisoning on lettuce made 19 people sick, it was mostly sold to wholesale customers in 23 states as well as the district of columbia. the coast guard rescued a california man stranded on a beach for five days after falling off a cliff.
9:32 am
he wrote the word "help" in the sand trying to get help. a fishing boat spotted him yesterday. let's get the new developments about the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. crews are waiting for the 100-ton concrete-and-steel box to settle into the mud near the ruptured well. the next step will be to connect a hose and pipeline so the gushing oil can be siphoned up into a waiting tanker. joining me now is dr. reese halter conservation biologist from cal lutheran and the author of "the incomparable honeybee." good morning. >> good morning. >> do you think the 100-ton box covering the oil well will leak trying to contain the oil leak? >> fingers crossed, alex. it's very delicate as we watch this morning. everybody is with a wing and a prayer here. >> okay. if that doesn't work, then what? >> well, there's a couple things they're working on, actually. they're side drilling right now
9:33 am
to try and alleviate the pressure at the same time they're backfilling. and after that, i just -- you know, i just don't know. the real concern this morning, actually, yesterday, it goes back a week ago, researchers at florida state university reckoned that the amount of leak is five times what we're seeing. in other words, they're saying that a million gallons a day have been leaking, not 200,000. >> oh. >> which would actually say that now we're right about where the "exxon valdez" was, so this -- that's awful. >> okay. awful? yeah. how does the environment handle this, reese? >> we don't know that. and the other terrible thing, i'm sorry to be the harbinger here, is the dispersant that they've put in to -- to spread this toxicity out is of utmost
9:34 am
concern now as we watch it waft towards the floridian keys and the third largest reef on planet earth. and we know from 2007 that this dispersant is not good for coral reefs. and so more -- more trouble ahead. >> are these the only options we have? i mean, the -- none of these options seem either, you know, foolproof or good for the environment. >> you know, it's one of those terrible situations where we don't have an exact answer. and i guess, you know, it drives it home. maybe we just shouldn't be doing what we're doing. you think we'd need a rethink here. >> but then where? i mean, you know, you look -- you look at the amount of money that's dependent on this, and dependency, when you talk about how long to get us off of the dependency in oil into something
9:35 am
else, you know? >> yeah. well, you know, fail to plan is planning to fail. and this was brought to our attention years back, but, you know, yes, we're deep in oil addiction, but for every problem there's at least three solutions. and now american ingenuity and american entrepreneurism has to roll up its sleeves and really go hard so, you know, there's got to be a silver lining here somewhere, alex. >> okay. when you find it, come on back and tell us, right? >> okay. >> because it's hard to find. dr. reese halter, thanks so much. >> thank you. on tuesday congress will hold a hearing on this week's massive market meltdown that briefly sent the dow jones plummeting nearly 1,000 points. president obama said regulatory authorities are evaluating the unusual market activity. the dow closed down more than 139 points yesterday, completing erasing all of this year's market gains. encouraging word this morning about the direction gas prices may be headed, downward.
9:36 am
the current national average is $2.92 a gallon which is five cents more than we paid last year at this time, but one leading industry expert says that by next month we could be paying less than we did last june. reasons for that include a recent drop in oil prices despite the gulf oil still. let's get the very latest on the times square terror attempt. investigators are trying to figure out how faisal shahzad got the training and the cash to allegedly build the car bomb at the center of the scare. michael iscough is an nbc contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> we have some disagreement over shahzad's involvement with the taliban in pakistan. investigators are saying that there's a link, but then you have general petraeus saying that shahzad's a lone wolf. what you've learned, michael, will investigators be able to figure out the links between shahzad and any international terror forces at all? >> well, they're still looking at this very closely. general petraeus' statement was a little puzzling to law
9:37 am
enforcement agents working the case, because they are still trying to unravel this. they have not reached any firm conclusions on this. clearly, you know, there are a lot of suspicious stuff out there, including the fact that he said he got bomb-making training from the pakistani taliban. and that he got phone calls from a number in pakistan that has still not at least publicly been identified. he has said, although he got this training in north waziristan, he acted alone. now, a lot of people in the law enforcement, intelligence community are suspicious of that, are pressing him hard. i think at this point the best we can say is we don't know, but they're still looking really hard at this. >> okay, what are you learning about shahzad that tells you what drove him to allegedly place this bomb in times square? >> look, it's hard to know when, in fact, he got radicalized, but, you know, clearly the fact that he spent that five-month period in -- in waziristan or in
9:38 am
pakistan, some of it in waziristan, seems a pretty -- a pretty good indicator of his association with some pretty radical types. but i -- you know, i think the most alarming thing that we've learned, and this is reported on our declassified blog yesterday from our correspondents in pakistan and it's also reported on our cover story in "newsweek" this week, is that there are sources in the afghan taliban and the pakistani taliban who are saying they are being flooded with e-mail inquiries from westerners like shahzad, in the united states and in europe, who want to join the taliban, want to join al qaeda and its allies in its fight against the west, so much so that the pakistani taliban haqqani network has set up a special screening committee to review these inquiries, to determine which are legitimate and which
9:39 am
they are going to accept, because obviously they're on guard for western intelligence agencies that might try to infiltrate. but clearly we've seen so many of these cases over the last few months, it does give legitimacy to this report that there are a lot of alienated radicalized westerners out there who are hooking up with our enemies in north -- northwest pakistan. >> and, michael, the concept of that is very frightening. but what about the government? is the united states equipped to handle that if some of these people do become radicalized to the extent that they want to bring harm? >> well, it's very difficult when you get somebody like shahzad who is a naturalized u.s. citizen, and those are people that the taliban and al qaeda are going to be looking for, obviously people who can easily, you know, cross borders, fly on planes, enjoy the protections of citizenship in the united states, canada, or -- or the european union, but, you
9:40 am
know, clearly those are the people who are -- while they're the biggest threat, they're also the people they are most on guard for. i think, you know, there is a good news/bad news aspect of this. the good news is that shahzad screwed up. he turned out to be incompetent, and, you know, you can say we've had a string of incompetent terrorists who have been trying to -- who have been trying to wage these attacks. these are, you know, if not -- they're certainly not the "a" team, they may not even be the "b" team, so that's the good news for the west. the terrorists really -- the people they are sending are really bad. the bad news is that there are apparently a lot out of them -- a lot of them and it is only going to take one to really do some harm. >> yeah. pretty frightening discussion with you today, michael isikoff. thank you very much. >> thank you. they say money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a whole lot of grief when it comes to divorce. just ask these folks.
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l.a. dodgers owner frank mccourt will be paying his estranged wife $637,000 each month. an l.a. court ordered him to pay $245,000 in spousal support to jamie mccourt as well as $412,000 to pay the mortgages on the couple's properties. jamie mccourt had originally asked for close to $1 million a month. a trial will be held in august to decide the ownership rights of the dodgers organization. frank mccourt claims he is the sole owner which would leave jamie with no stake in the very lucrative business. former football great lawrence taylor admitted to paying for sex at a hotel where he is charged with raping a 16 run-away. according to investigators taylor admitted to paying 300 bucks after, quote, engaging in sexual acts with the victim who he was told was 19 years old. speaking with matt lauer on the "today" show yesterday, his attorney denied taylor had sex with the girl. >> did lawrence taylor have sex with this young lady, a 16-year-old, in his hotel room?
9:45 am
>> no. >> did he have consensual sex with her? >> no. >> did she go to his hotel room? >> i'm not going to go into those facts. they will be litigated on the courtroom when she's on the stand and cross-examined by me at a trial. joining me now, karen desoto, defense attorney and former prosecutor, and defense attorney rebecca rose woodland. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> they say they have admission of sex from lawrence taylor, one from the victim, of course, why would the attorney deny it, rebecca? what about that strategy? why not play it differently? >> well, possibly, one reason is, there is not an admission. it's a pit thossibility there w discussion and not admission that the words are not quotes. we have not seen the investigator's report, and there's another possibility that the words are being used out of context and possibly the girl was in the room and there was no sex with that girl. we're not sure yet, we haven't seen all the facts, but i'm knowing arthur riddell, i serve on board of directors with him, i've handled cases with him, he
9:46 am
must have a strategy because he has i'm sure already spoken to his client, he must know what's happening in this matter -- >> or -- or -- >> he's not going to misspeak completely. >> the likely scenario is that he didn't realize she was underage and his attorney said, oh, by the way, she's 17 and then they changed their story. that could be the strategy, too. >> this was yesterday morning, though, they had already prepped for a whole day, so i'm assuming there has got to be something in the investigator's report instead of misspeaking. >> when we talk about sex, without getting too graphic here. are we using a bill clinton defense, i did not have sex with this woman which is intercourse as opposed to something else. if he admits to sexual activity, that's fine and dandy, if it's a minor, does it matter what kind of sex? >> no, it doesn't matter. if she was 17, and fit was oral sex or digital penetration or some other type of penetration, it doesn't matter, she's
9:47 am
underage. could you grope her and still be charged with sexual assault. >> and sexual gratification under f17 years old, he could b charged. >> he was told she was 19, according to the pimp. >> i'll give you the advice i give to my clients, what, am i supposed to do, ask for her driver's license? yes. there's no defense. if you thought she was 19 or 20, it doesn't matter. you're still going to a grand jury and be tried. >> which means if there's no defense, does it mean it will go to trial? if there's no defense for being with an underage -- >> i tell you what may happen, it may go to trial, because the defense may be, and i think that's what the attorney was saying to matt lauer, there was no sex so the statutory rape provisions will not kick in because there was no rape. the rape -- statutory rape is any sexual contact with a child under 17 in new york state. if there's no sexual contact, there's no statutory rape. >> then why the $300?
9:48 am
>> we don't know that he did, the investigators say that he did, but we don't know that. >> they say she showed up to the room with a bruised face. that i can tell you from trying a a case, if jurors hear her face was mangled or had swollen face when she showed up to the door, he's in trouble, because everyone is going to say, hey, listen, because at that point, no matter if she was 15 or 25, he should have turned her away. >> we know when she returned to the bronx and the police came to the apartment that she was staying with the man who has been arrested for prostituting and pimping her, that she showed up with a black eye, but arguably, lawrence taylor could have felt bad for the girl, she could have said i'm a run away and need money. we don't know what the scenario is. come on, let's be fair. he's innocent until proven guilty. >> i tried a case once, my client was in jail for a year, we had a trial, i got a not guilty in 45 minutes.
9:49 am
so i'm not going to tell you people don't lie, because they lie all the time. he's a celebrity, there's a lot of motivation to lie. >> hold it, we're going to talk again. >> time to go. >> time to go, rebecca -- >> we could talk about this for hours. >> we sure will. and he's the top republican in the house and counting on patient favor from voters in november. what's the outlook so far from a big gnp in congress? carpools, conferences, microwave dinners. they blur one into the next.
9:50 am
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the political calendar is packed with dozens of key primary races for the upcoming midterm elections. although it's still early, republican leaders like what they see. house minority leader john boehner says the playing field is wider than anything he has seen in 20 years, and boehner says at least 100 seats are in play with the republican party this november. joining me now, nbc political reporter. joining us from washington. good morning to you. >> good morning again, alex. >> look, this hundred seats sounds like a lot. and i can tell you, i quoted
9:53 am
that to some political an lifal and they almost choked. what do you think? is that realistic? >> well, the house minority lead certify certainly known for his shall we say high hyperbole? i think a closer estimate is 80 seats which is what the national republican congressional committee who is trying to get these republicans elected hope to put in play about 80 seats. they need 40 to flip to get that house changed over. so that's perhaps a more realistic number. >> okay. what about the situation in utah right now, with bob bennett? his run might be coming to an end very soon, like today? >> like today. exactly. you know, it is a huge story. maybe the biggest political story of the year. maybe outside of scott brown. but bob bennett, he's been -- he's 76 years old, 18 years as a senator, and what's happening today is that regular voters are not going to be deciding his fate.
9:54 am
it's about 3,500 republican state party delegates. bennett needs to finish in the top two today in the state convention, or he's done. he's absolutely done. and if poll something any indication, he's in a lot of trouble. his convention kicks off at noon today. mit romney is going to introduce him at 12:45. why mitt romney? the most popular politician in utah ever, apparently. 70% favorable rateling. and bennett is far below that. if he were running with primary regular voters, a lot of people think he would still have a shot at being re-elected. >> when you look at the overmakeup, democrats still in the majority, but they can no longer stop the republicans from filibustering. what are some of the likely scenarios here? >> right. so democrats have 59 feats seats right now, republicans 41. the -- what was likely to happen, if you look at a lot of the projections, four to six seats potentially picked up for
9:55 am
republicans, five to seven perhaps. so we're looking at a much tighter congress. but one in which democrats likely stay in control. if republicans were to try to -- if republicans were going to be able to get control of the senate, they would need ten seats. that's a lot. and that would mean places like california, places like wisconsin, places like washington state would have to be put in play. but with what happened in massachusetts, democrats are spooked. >> okay. thank you so much. we'll speak to you again. >> you're welcome. it offers the hope of stopping the flow of much of the oil that continues to leak in the gulf. but when will we know if it works? we have a live report ahead on msnbc saturday. "know it all" shared it with "single and loving it!" who made a cup the next morning for "ladies man" as he was rushing out the back door. he shared it with "blondes have more fun" and "fiery redhead," who, after finding out about each other, shared starbucks via with their new boyfriends, "firemen keep it hot" and "drummers rock," who called his friend "know it all," who said he already knew about it. premium starbucks via ready brew.
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9:59 am
wall street pluj raises big questions. but will the mystery ever be solved? why did the markets fall so fast? we ask an expert. and sleep struggle. experts say those who don't get enough shut eye are likely to die earlier. i'm alex witt, welcome to msnbc saturday. 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, 7:00 a.m. on the west. we are told emergency workers have responded to a staten island ferry terminal after passengers were injured when one of the boats st a pier at the dock on staten island. police, fire officials say they appear to be okay, still to determine how much damage has been done to the ferry. but some sort of accident aon the staten island side of the ferry that leads from the tip of manhatt manhattan. one of the boats struck a pier at the dock. we'll get more information on that for you and bring it to you when we do. meantime, two big developments this morning in the massive oil leak


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